Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Country Living Fair 2011

Last weekend, we set out on an adventure to The Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH!!!  It was a beautiful weekend and we got to see lots of great stuff!  So inspiring!!
 The Fawbush ladies!!!
 The whole group, Karen, Kathy, Betsy, Melanie, and Betsy!
 Some awesome monster dolls!

 Even spray paint can lids can be cool!
 I wanted to live in this booth!!!!

 Betsy at the Modern June booth!
 that's a poster behind us!

 This is my mom's new confused look!

 Campers from Sisters on the fly!!!! check them out!!!

What a great day!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 the time flies

So Blue Monday closed the retail store in September, and it feels like an eternity ago! I am starting to feel like it never existed. People have moved, jobs have changed, I have a big old mess of stuff in my house. I HATE FEBRUARY.....did I say that outloud? Oops....I think I hate it so much because I am just ready for Spring, ready for summer! Speaking of summer....I am trying to plan that out.....where should Blue Monday vend? The Farmer's Market and Mosey's are at the top of list.....any other ideas out there? I need some inspiration as well....what would you like to see Blue Monday make? My focus is all over the place, I just want to make everything.....then I get overwhelmed and make nothing.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Stuff at Blue Monday

love these fabrics!

dress with matching headband!

fun summer dress!

Hankie cute!

Lilly's new hat!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Artist at Blue Monday

New Stuff by NiftyClaire!

lot's of recycling!

Warm winter mittens!

fun magnets!

stop in and check out the stuff!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Stuff!

Well, guess what Blue Monday now has new day time hours! That's right folks....we are open during the day. No more just weird night time hours. It seems as thought I quit my job, so I am able to have the store open more now. For the last two days I have been just sitting in Blue Monday thinking....this is it...this is what I do now.....frozen stiff in a chair staring at the computer...has all my creativity left me? Was it only a here because I was inspired by my awful job? nah.....I'm just in shock
So with that being said here are some new things at Blue monday and give me a call if you want to take a class....I have lots of free time now!
cape size 4T
Baby Bib
Fall skirt size 6/7
Fall skirt size 6/7

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eyelet U Go

Well, as if I didn't have enough stuff to do.......I have decided to start another Etsy shop. Why? Because I want to sell some of this stuff that I thought I needed......but it turns out I don't! I have too much stuff! I wanted to call the new Etsy shop something fun and Betsy helped me come up with Eyelet it go..........sounds great right.....put it all together with no spaces...Eyeletitgo, all I see is the word "tit" maybe some sort of sign.......I will ponder that later. Anyway I changed the name to Eyelet U go and you can find the amazing things that I am letting go at,! See you there!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where we've been

yard sale in Atlanta @ Tne New Earth Festival

This display made me want a rolling pin!

Lots of vintage stuff!

Thinking of Jeremiah!

Sweet Train......carrying passengers to and from Noblesville!

Going to see Root Hog.....they're "Sorta Good!"

Sweet Glasses!

Hanging out at "Outfest!"

This is Mary in her robot shirt!

This is Jeff is in rainbow pants!

I made these flags!


Danielle's new dress

Ken @ Mosey Stock '09