Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blue Monday Holiday Gift Exchange!

It's that time of year again! The Blue Monday Craft exchange is something that has gone on for many years now! Every year we put a little spin on it. One year we made pajamas, one year we kept it a secret whom we had, this year we are each trading 1 yard of fabric. Whomever gets your name in the drawing gets your fabric, and they they have to make you something out of it! Sounds like fun, right? Here are a few of the fabrics that have come in so far......

The New Sock Dog!

This is "Omar" the new sock dog! Isn't he cute???? I just love him!

A bad day crafting

This is a picture of a bad day crafting!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some Wallet Fun....

I made these wallets a while ago....but i thought I would post some pictures

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Things have been kinda slow at Blue Monday for the month of November. It's time to start the Christmas shopping! I did list some new stuff on our Etsy account. www.bluemonday.etsy.com Hope everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kids Voting at Blue Monday

We've gotten such a great reaction, we have decided there is a need so we had better jump in and do it! Here are the details:

Saturday, November 1 Noon to Three p.m. Free
Blue Monday Craft Lounge 652 Main Street (765.420.9850)

Anyone under the age of 18 may "vote."
When they arrive, they will create their own "identification card." Then they will check in with a volunteer. They will show their card, verify their age, first name, and state of residence. At that point they will be handed a "ballot," which they can take into the booth, fill out, and drop into the ballot box.

Most rules that apply to voting sites will apply at this event; free, non-partisan, one vote each person, etc. The only significant differences will be the lack of age restriction and presence of snacks. The ballot contains the names of the candidates (along with photos for the pre-readers) that are present on the Indiana ballot: Barr, McCain, and Obama. Write-in candidates will also be permitted.

Results will be announced that Saturday night. No need to register, come on down!!!

(I feel like I need a disclaimer that NONE of these votes will come close to even being considered valid for the election. Entertainment purposes only, folks. No fraud here!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some new stuff at the store!

a new house for the moopie bunnies!

an awesome new patchwork dress, made by miss Betsy McClimans!
a sweet little dress by Miss Melanie May.
We have been making new stuff.....as normal so here are some photos!


This skirt was purchased by Amy and faithful Blue Monday shopper! Amy lives in Wisconsin, we miss her when she is there!

This skirt was bought by a faithful Blue Monday customer, I don't know her name, but she sure is great! Thanks for the tickets this weekend! Look forward to seeing you in the store!

October has been a busy month at Blue Monday! We started out with "Outoberfest" an awesome event put on by the local Lafayette Pride office. What an amazing turn out, and a great evening of fun! Next we had the highly anticipated first show of our friends new band, "The Left!" What an amazing time! We are really anticipating the next show! Saturday we had Octoberfest another great event put on by UMA! 6000 people downtown on a Saturday......Yeah! That rocks! We have a quiet weekend this week, (except for of course the Snorb! show at Hunter's South) But, next weekend is Halloween, The Left's 2nd show with the Macpodz, and of course the mock voting at Blue Monday (more info to follow!) Try to catch us if you can!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I forgot to say how cute this is!

A few weeks ago we were a vender at the Turn Indiana Blue festival in Lafayette. One of our friends really wanted a dress that was in a previous post, "The Melanie." Anyway....he boyfriend bought it for her! She looks amazing in it! Yeah!

September to Remember......

It's been a long summer. A long hard summer. But....Blue Monday has been the saving grace. (Except when we had that flood.) I don't know if what I would do with my time, if there wasn't a craft to make, a store to organize, a store to make a complete mess, and a million projects in the works. I suppose that Blue Monday keeps me from needing countless hours of therapy. It seems if I can sew something and it turns out well, then all is well in the world. I painted the craft room at my house yesterday, and I laughed as I was still picking straight pins from the carpet. I know that I have the best group of friends a crafty girl could ask for!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Blue Monday of years past....

My two favorite Betsy's!

f'in casserole carrier!!!

cowgirl bag!

gotta have proper identification!

A sweet model

Of Course...Blue Monday at Bonnaroo!

A very beaded bag!

Our First Farmer's Market!

Jackie's First Dress! (Those walls are really dark!)

This is not Matt's first dress....nor is it his first beer!
We miss you Matt!!!!

Look how little Olivia is!!!! Painting my fingernails!

Alison's Bag!
Ok....so now that Blue Monday has the internet at the store......I have been using the store computer for something besides a jukebox! I found lots of pictures from when Blue Monday was just starting out....I thought I would post some for fun! Hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yeah LayFlats!

Blue Monday had a great time at the Layflats festival! The weather turned out to be awesome! The bands were amazing, and the general attitude of the festival was fun! We look forward to many years to come! This upcoming weekend we will be vending at The Apple Popcorn festival in Brookston, IN! Come and see us there!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's going on!

Some really cute kids, hula hooping!

Alethea hanging out at their rockin' booth, Hippidydoodah!

Some great local music from the Woodstove Flapjacks, and Mike Reeb

Wind Energy Rocks!

Blue Monday has been doing a lot of vending lately, and it awesome! It is so fun to get out in the community and connect with people! going to post some pictures of the highlights for me.

This is the Moth? that hung out with me in Earl Park, the picture doesn't do it justice, this thing was huge! Wing span 6" easy!