Thursday, January 31, 2008






Thinking about APRONS!!!!

For the love of God.....I hope that at least one person enjoys an apron as much as I do!

In reality I am super excited about this silly little apron show! I think it is going to rock. Hopefully I won't have to tunnel my way to the coffee shop tomorrow!

Everyone has been super awesome in the process! I love each and every apron.....yes EVERY apron!

82 aprons....not bad for a shop full of gals with full time jobs!

Lovin it!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Wow....2008 is officially on it's way.....Time seems to be flying past. Lots of things on my mind lately....note really blog related material. However, The Apron Show is defiantly on......I was interviewed by the lovely Tim Brouk today! At Blue Monday we think that Tim rocks! He is always supporting our crafty endeavors, and he loves our cards! Which, makes us love Tim!!!!! Patty from K.Dees Coffee Shop made us these awesome flyers! We are going to make a record number of aprons this week.....I think I can do it!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Feeling Better...getting things done

Ok it's amazing what nap and a cherry coke will do for you. I am feeling much better, and alot more productive. I wanted to post a few new pictures of what I have been working on. First off another APRON for the upcoming show.....starting to dream about aprons!

Kat made this awesome apron for our friend Anna Re! It's awesome!

I finally have started to replenish the store with new handbags.......

Why Tuesdays are not cool.

Tuesdays are not cool, because there is always a lot of work to do. It makes me tired. Tuesdays should be for sleeping! Especially if it is raining outside. I will get over this urge to sleep and go back to Blue Monday and craft something up!

Friday, January 4, 2008

When life hands you bifocals....make aprons!

Today....not the best day.

However, I did get my new BIFOCAL glasses today.....which is awesome and awful at the same time. Grateful I can see.....feeling like I am 100 years old because I need bifocals.

I also managed to take most of the Christmas decorations down at Blue Monday. I have replaced them with some great valentines/springy stuff. In early February we will be having an apron show at K. Dees Coffee. The apron show is all the buzz around Blue Monday, I think we have made the aprons 2o times now, because we keep selling them, and coming up with new ideas. Here a few I made this week. Hope you like them!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


When Kat started hanging out at the store she brought her unique style of crafting with her. She makes these great bunnies out of scrap fabric. They are called Moopies. I don't have a photo of one but I should. However, she inspired me to make a creature of my own. My first sock creation is know as Sydney the shop monkey! She is great mascot! She's been all over the land.....California, Tennessee, Austin....she's a trooper!

I have made several friends for Sydney...but they find new homes very fast....hard to keep in stock!

New Blog

Hello! After months of looking at other crafty people's blogs, I have decided to start my own blog! Hopefully this will be fun way to talk about all of the amazing things that happen at Blue Monday on a weekly basis!
For example this week.....Betsy has been busting her buns on the new Blue Monday website!
so check it out when you have time!
Blue Monday also got a new email's
It's only a three day work week for me, so I am planning on getting some major crafting done this weekend! (Isn't that always the plan?)
Happy New Year Everyone!