Thursday, May 1, 2008

I love May!

Yeah! It's May! I love May!

I have been a slacker about keeping up with the blog! I guess I am not much of a blogger! However, I still enjoy it from time to time, so I will continue. The apron show went well, and now the aprons are on display at the Monticello library! I can now say we have a traveling apron show! This weekend I will be teaching my first class on Apron making! We just found out that one Saturday a month they will be closing off Main St from 6th to 9th, to make a great walking environment to enjoy the shops, art, restaurants, etc! We are so excited about this! Our tiny little store will expand to the sidewalk and hopefully meet lots of new people! I am still contemplating being a vendor at the Farmer's market...I love and hate to do it at the same time! Hopefully I will be making lots of new items this weekend, so check out our Etsy site!

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