Friday, September 19, 2008

Blue Monday of years past....

My two favorite Betsy's!

f'in casserole carrier!!!

cowgirl bag!

gotta have proper identification!

A sweet model

Of Course...Blue Monday at Bonnaroo!

A very beaded bag!

Our First Farmer's Market!

Jackie's First Dress! (Those walls are really dark!)

This is not Matt's first dress....nor is it his first beer!
We miss you Matt!!!!

Look how little Olivia is!!!! Painting my fingernails!

Alison's Bag! now that Blue Monday has the internet at the store......I have been using the store computer for something besides a jukebox! I found lots of pictures from when Blue Monday was just starting out....I thought I would post some for fun! Hope you enjoy them!

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AmandaNRoy said...

I love your blog... CUTE BAGS!! Check out mine if you have some free time!