Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's going on!

Some really cute kids, hula hooping!

Alethea hanging out at their rockin' booth, Hippidydoodah!

Some great local music from the Woodstove Flapjacks, and Mike Reeb

Wind Energy Rocks!

Blue Monday has been doing a lot of vending lately, and it awesome! It is so fun to get out in the community and connect with people! going to post some pictures of the highlights for me.

This is the Moth? that hung out with me in Earl Park, the picture doesn't do it justice, this thing was huge! Wing span 6" easy!



Oh man. It looks like I missed out.

Moths are my PASSION!

Pat said...

Whoops! I logged in as "work!"

betsyjane said...

Whoops! I logged in as "pat!"