Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blue Monday FREE Event!
*** Craft ***
*** Swapatorium ***
*** Spectacular **
*Saturday * February 7 One O'clock to Five O'clock

What is a Craft Swapatorium Spectacular?

It's the cure for the Craft Supply Overload!****************************************************
Step One:Pick out a few things from your arsenal of crafting supplies. You know, the fabric you haven't used, the extra large knitting needles you now think are ridiculous, the buttons your grandmother gave you off of all of her old clothes. Ya know, things that someone else would treasure?

Step Two:Bring it in on Saturday February 7th and swap the items with local crafters. (You should know the ladies of Blue Monday are contributing loads of craft supplies and are ready to trade. And you know we only have the cutest stuff!)

That's it. No pressure. No expense. Don't bring money. It's FREE!

Added bonus: One lucky trader (or non-trader that just happens to stop in) will win a free box of vintage craft items!

This Swapatorium Spectacular also has aSuper Secret Debut Inspired By You! We will have our winter/spring class schedule ready and a class callout that day. If there is something you've been wanting to learn forever, let us know! In addition to the basic sewing class people love, or the purse-making class that has become a favorite, we would love to add your new obsession to our roster. email us at bluemondaycrafts@live.com
check out our website www.bluemondaycraftlounge.com

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